Monday, June 13, 2016

Update to Google Analytics Tracking Options

Today we have added an option to make things easier to get started with Google Universal Analytics. Now, instead of having to figure out what code to paste into our tracking field, you can select Google Universal Analytics ID. Then you just enter your ID and we will take that ID and build the tracking code automatically. This code is included on both the reservation pages and the final confirmation page. The final confirmation page we build out the code more, to include details about the reservation (such as reservation ID, price, items for sale) so that the sale can be tracked in the e-commerce section of Google Analytics.

We have left an option for entering in the complete code yourself, in case someone wants to enter code other than Google, or they want to customize the code.

The above code is what we build when just the Analytics ID is used. When your Google Analytics account is set up properly you can now see lots of data including Acquisition data and E-Commerce data. Below are some screenshots from one of our users who has his account set up to use this feature.

To enable e-commerce tracking, follow these steps (source:

You need to enable Ecommerce reporting in the view in which you want to see the data.

Sign in to your Analytics account.
Navigate to the desired account, property and view.
In the VIEW column, select Ecommerce Settings.
Click the Enable Ecommerce toggle ON.
Optional: Click the Enable Related Products toggle ON.
Click Next step.
Click Submit.

Also, we continue to support the older style of Google Analytics. If the tracking code you paste into the field for this in the Reservation Page settings contains "analytics.js" then we switch to the new method. Otherwise we use "ga.js" which is the old style.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Break Address Field into Multiple Fields

A new option has been added in Settings tab, Preferences to now be able to show multiple fields for the address instead of just one text box.

Go to Settings Tab, Preferences and set this option:

In case you don't need three fields for phone numbers we've also now added an option to hide 2 of the fields internally.

Re the fields not showing in the public reservation pages:

If you want to make the address fields required, or otherwise change them, review the field settings in your reservation page settings.

Re the new merge codes:

Now {{guestaddress}} will include all the address fields. This way no changes to templates will be needed. If someone wants to format the address per their own requirements (IE they don't want to use the USA standard formatting of addresses) then they can use the new merge codes to make their own address format within their templates. Otherwise, the address is formatted like this:

Street Address
City, State ZIP

There is a new merge code to pull just the street address - {{guestaddress_street}} . Although {{guestaddress}} will continue to pull whatever was entered into the original address big field (or if changing to multiple fields, whatever is entered in the street address field PLUS all the other address fields. The new merge codes in email templates will only appear once the preference to use multiple address fields is set.

The merge codes relating to addresses are:


Guests tab search by Address:

If multiple address fields are enabled, it is now possible to search on these fields in the Guests tab. All fields will show if the address fields are enabled; otherwise just an option for Address.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Feature to Show Minimum Stay Requirements on Internal Calendar

We now have an option to show minimum stay requirements directly on the internal calendar grid. This makes it easy to see what days have a minimum stay requirement, which should be especially helpful as a reminder if your minimums change throughout the year. On any days with a minimum stay more than 1 night, the number of nights now shows as a small orange number next to the price.

This number is calculated based on the Rate Rules, and Rate Adjustments. Any setting in the Rate Adjustments overrides what is set in a Rate Rule. Currently we show the min nights required only. We are not changing the minimum if the setting "reduce if it can't be met" is set. This may be a future enhancement to this feature.

It is possible to add a reservation which does not meet the minimum, but now a warning box will ask you to confirm that you want to continue.

By default we have enabled both the visual cue of the numbers on the grid and the confirmation box, but in case these are not desired, both can be turned off. This is a setting under the Settings tab, Preferences.

If you are not seeing these new features, reload the system by pressing Ctrl-R or Option-R.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Option For Adding/Removing Emails to Queue

Now it is easy to add new email templates to the queue for existing reservations. This is useful if you have created a new email template and you want it to be added to all upcoming reservations. Previously it was necessary to go through each reservation one at a time and add the new message.

To use this feature, go to Website tab, Email Schedules, and click "Manage Queue" at the top right.

Then just follow the steps shown.

This can also be used to remove templates from the queue, in case you decide you no longer want to send out a particular message. NOTE - this will only remove emails added after this feature was developed. With the development of this feature we are now saving the template ID number with messages saved into the queue, so now we can update and remove based on the ID number (previously we matched based on the title being exactly the same). So, the remove feature will only remove templates which match the ID number that is saved in the database. Because prior to this feature we were not saving ID numbers, those templates would still need to be manually removed.

Related to this, since we are now saving ID numbers with messages saved into the email queue, now when updating an email template, we will match based on the ID number, no longer the title. This will work well for messages added to the queue subsequent to the development of this feature. For messages that were added prior to this feature, those messages will need to be manually updated.

This is in the Website tab, Email Templates, at the bottom of the edit template page:

Friday, October 9, 2015

Import Credit Card Details From Myallocator Now Available

For reservations receive through Myallocator, it is now possible to import the credit card details directly into ReservationKey. Previously it was necessary to log into and copy the information from there to ReservationKey.

Now click the Import link in the Credit Card section in ReservationKey (the link only appears if the reservation was from Myallocator).

Enter your Myallocator credit card password, and click Import.

The credit card data will then be automatically filled into the credit card fields in ReservationKey. To save, click Save, just as if you manually typed in the data.

Credit card data is only available for channels which provide myallocator with the credit card details - currently:, Expedia, BookNow.

For security reasons we do NOT store your Myallocator credit card password within ReservationKey. Create this password from within your account.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Quick Quote Feature

Now there is a way to internally search availability and get a price quote, without having to create a reservation. After getting the quote, a new reservation may be added directly from this feature, or the quote may be sent via email. This feature is designed to work well with mobile devices also, so it may be easier to use this to add reservations on mobile devices rather than clicking on the calendar.

The link to the Quick Quote feature is located at the top of the Availability Calendar.

Clicking the link opens a window to search by date and number of guests, which returns a list of available rooms/units.

The total price is shown as rooms are selected.

To add more columns to the view, click Advanced. This is helpful to see if the rate is being changed by a rate adjustment (the adjustment name, and how much).

This can also be used to review maximum occupants allowed per room/unit.

And if results are returned showing rooms available but the minimum stay is not met, those lines will show as orange.

To send a quote via email, click the Send Quote button. Otherwise click the Add Reservation button to close the window and go to the Reservation Details screen.

Build a template using our merge codes and your text. Save the template, and make as many as needed.

Click Preview to see a sample of what will be sent using the selected template.

Use one of three merge codes to show a summary table of the selected rooms. Use the one appropriate for your needs. The above screenshot shows {{selectedunits1}} . The columns selected under Advanced are the same which show in the table.

{{selectedunits2}} - shows a separate box per room/unit available.

{{selectedunits3}} - Has a totals line at the bottom. Useful if the quote is for multiple rooms.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Option for Splitting Address into Multiple Fields

A new option has been added in Settings tab, Preferences to now be able to show multiple fields for the address instead of just one text box. This has been a long request feature that we are happy to now support. By default the system will still show one large text box for the address field, which was originally designed that way in order to be more flexible as we work with users around the world, many with different formats for saving addresses. But now, it is possible to use different fields, such as Address, City, State, ZIP, Country, if this is preferred.

To enable this option, go to the Settings Tab, Preferences and set this option:

Once this setting is saved, the system will show multiple address field boxes. These fields show:
- in the internal Reservation Details screen
- on the public Reservation Pages
- in guest details
- in credit card fields

Unrelated to the address field, but in case you don't need three fields for phone numbers we've also now added an option to hide two of the fields internally. This is also an option in the Preferences section.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

New option in Reservation Status to set rates to zero

We've added an option to the status settings so that when a reservation is changed internally, the rates could be set to zero automatically. A specific situation where this could be useful is when changing the reservation to a status of Cancelled and you want the rate to show as zero.

To set this up, go to Settings Tab, Reservation Status and select which status(es) should change the rates to zero when the status is selected.

This only applies internally when changing a status in the Reservation Details screen or the Reservations Tab.

Specific details:
- any taxes and discounts that were added to the reservation are completely deleted
- price is set to zero for any Items for Sale or Fees that had been added to the system (but description remains)
- any payments that were entered are not affected
- room/fraction prices are all set to zero

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Forum assistance: Improvements to Pre-Book Links

Thanks to suggestions from users we've already made some big improvements to our new pre-book links feature, which was just released yesterday.

To summarize this feature, it allows you to enter a reservation internally and then provide a link to your guests that they can use to go to your Reservation Page to fill in their details and confirm the reservation. The room prices and rooms will already be selected.

The improvements are:

  1. No longer necessary to create complicated links yourself.

  2. Easily access the various links from the "More" menu in the Reservation Details screen.

  3. The room(s) and dates will be pre-selected when the guest opens the link. All they need to do is fill out the Contact and Payment details.

  4. - This applies to all of our booking pages, except at this time, the hotel style pages.

  5. New merge codes to access the booking links.

  6. - Build an email template using our new merge codes:
    {{bookinglink}} - link to multiple units or single units page
    {{bookinglink_calendar}} - link to calendar version page (if it exists as part of the reservation page specified to be used for the reservation).
    - This makes it easy to create an "inquiry" reservation and then send off an email template which contains the link to the booking page.

The Reservation Page that will be used for the above links is the page that is set in the Reservation Page Settings as the one to be used internally,


one that you specify, if you have enabled the feature to be able to do so.

In Settings tab, Preferences:

Future Enhancements

We are considering:
- any information typed into the guest details in the "inquiry" reservation will populate the contact form when the guest clicks through to the Reservation Page
- a way to be able to use this feature with reservations that block the calendar
- extending this functionality to hotel style pages
- a Copy button on the links box

Monday, January 26, 2015

Forum assistance: Prebook Guests and Send a Link to Collect Reservation Details/Payment

Now it is possible to create a reservation internally, adjust the room prices, and then email the guest a link to be used for entering their contact information and payment.

This makes it easy to negotiate a price over the phone or email, and then provide your guest with a link to your reservation page which has the negotiated room price.

In order to do this:
1. Make a reservation internally and adjust the room prices.
2. Set the reservation to a status which does NOT block the calendar.
3. Construct the link to use to email the guest:

Add the string "/idr|99999999" to the end of your reservation page URL (this feature is currently supported in our Multiple Units pages, both Calendar Mode and Availability Search Mode, and in our Single Unit Pages).

Make sure to replace "99999999" with the reservation ID from the reservation created in Step 1.

This will cause the reservation page to load with the pre-negotiated rates loaded for the unit and dates saved with the internal reservation.

The reservation created in Step 1 above is just a place holder reservation. A new reservation will be created when the guest books. This could be convenient if you wanted to send the same link to multiple inquiries, and the guest that books first would be the one to lock in the reservation.

Some example links:|2.1.2015|2.4.2015|85:0/idr|945617
- single unit page
- has dates and unit pre-selected|945617
- multiple units, date search mode
- dates not pre-entered|2.1.2015|2.3.2015/idr|945617
- multiple units, date search mode
- dates pre-entered|945617
- calendar search mode, dates not pre-filled|2.1.2015/idr|945617
- calendar search mode, dates pre-filled

In these examples the regular price is $100 per night, but we changed the price to $10 per night for a few nights:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Forum assistance: Now Specify Number of Children Per Room

Now it is possible on a room by room basis to exactly set the number of occupants allowed, including how many are allowed to be children.

This can be set from zero up to the total number of occupants allowed. If the number of children allowed in the room/unit is set to zero then the children drop down option is not visible for that room/unit on the Reservation Page.

This enhancement has been applied across all of our Reservation Page types (multiple units, single unit, calendar search mode, hotel style pages) and can be set in the individual unit settings as well as in the build add/edit pages.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Forum assistance: ReservationKey Change Log Added

There is always lots going on in ReservationKey, new features, enhancements, bug fixes, etc. But knowing what is happening in the system has been difficult. So now we've created a change log where we post very brief summaries of all changes, with links to related forum posts for further details.

This way, you can just periodically check the Change Log when you want to get up to speed with the most recent changes in the system.

The Log can be accessed from the menu icon in the upper right corner of the system.

Friday, December 12, 2014

New Responsive Design for Reservation Details

We've rewritten the underlying code for the Reservation Details page so that it is now uses a responsive layout rather than a fixed layout. This means that the layout of the page will automatically change based on the user's device screen size. Instead of being a fixed width of 1000 pixels, now the elements on the screen will re-position themselves to best fit whichever size screen is being used. As we see more and more mobile devices being used, often with smaller screens than for what the system was originally designed for, it is important that we rework the layout of our screens so that the system is also easy to use on small screens.

When viewed full screen on a "desktop" computer the layout should mostly look the same. But when the screen is made much narrower, what was traditionally in the right side column now moves below the left column and the entire page is one long column.

If things don't look quite right at first, press Ctrl-R or reload the system in order to make sure you are seeing the newest files we have loaded. This has been tested on a variety of browsers and devices, but sometimes things still don't look right. If you notice anything unusual feel free to comment here (and post a screenshot if possible).

Full Screen:

Narrow Screen:

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Couple New Permissions Settings

It is now possible to set which links appear in the header section of the system on a user by user basis.

Go to Settings, Users, click on a user, and then scroll to near the bottom and expand the Additional Settings area.

Then select whether to show or hide the Search link, Reminders icon, or Number of New Reservations link.

An example of the Reminders and New Reservations links turns off: