Friday, October 19, 2018

NEW OPTION: Create a fee that is a percentage of the room price

We now have an option to set up a fee that is calculated as a pecentage of the total room price.

All the fees:

An example showing one of each fee type added to a reservation:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

IDEA: Creative placement of booking engine

Here is a really neat idea, embedding the entire booking page is a small box on your homepage. This way guests can book directly from the front page, without needing to search for the booking system.

This example shows the embedded box appears only on large screens. On smaller screens it disappears, but guests can still find the reservation system through the normal navigation menu.

Watch this video to see how this works.

Calendar Search Mode

Availability Search Mode

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Six New Reservation Page Themes

We have just released six new themes for our reservation pages. These themes use modern design principles, are responsive, and generally go a long way towards improving the look and feel of the system. If you are using one of our older themes we highly recommend you consider switching to one of these new themes.

Watch this video for a preview of all the themes.

Also, we can help with customization of the themes, or any other questions you may have.

Older themes have been retired, and no longer appear in our list of themes for newer users.

Dark Grey

Forest Green

Beach Blue

Red Sunrise



Thursday, October 11, 2018

NEW: Select what payment category to use for initial online payments.

One of our users noticed that payments coming from a reservation page are not categorized like payments that are entered internally. So we have now added an option to set what category should be used for the initial payment from the online payment page. This setting is found under the Website tab, Payment Schedules. Whatever is set here will now be used as the payment category for the initial payment. Remember, you can set up your own Payment Categories under Settings, Lists.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


One of our property manager users describes below how she is able to convert leads to booking using ReservationKey's payment link feature. This automates the process of asking the guest for a credit card and at the same time gives them a quote to review.

1. Get the potential guest's email address
2. Make a placeholder reservation for the dates they are interested in using a status that doesn't block the calendar
3. Send them a payment link from the placeholder reservation
4. Sit back and watch for the guest to submit their payment details

This works great for us.

All you have to do is get the potential guest's email address during call or from their email inquiry and send them a quote with this link in your quote: {{paymentlink_balance}}.

This way, if they decide to book the space, they can submit their info ANY TIME OF DAY (including credit card info) and as long as it is available (we set Quotes to INQUIRY STATUS so they are not in the calendar and Holds as 24 Holds in the calendar), we are sent a notification that a credit card has been submitted and it throws them in the calendar if the space is still available and changes the status (we use PAYMENT METHOD ADDED). We then go in a confirm the space with their card.

It has worked for us, time and time again.

When they click on the {{paymentlink_balance}} link, they see the quote info, a credit card form and our headline at top that reads like this:

"READY TO BOOK? Fill out all info including credit card information. Payment WILL NOT be automatically run when you submit info.

When you successfully submit this form, our office will be notified that you wish to confirm a certain reservation request or change the credit card on file for a confirmed booking. If you are submitting this info to confirm a hold, please be advised that the confirmation is based on availability only. The credit card will not be automatically run. If available, submitting this form will also reinstate an inquiry to a hold (if still available) by blocking the dates and alerting us to your request. Thank you for using this secure payment request method."

Folks, this really works for us and John just added the phone number to the form so all the call in needs to give us is their email and this form collects every thing else you need when they decide to book no matter the time of day... It also works when more than one credit card is used or other party members pay their portion.

Monday, August 20, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Set user permissions from within the room/unit settings

For our users with many room/units and many users, it is now a lot easier to manage permissions when adding a new unit to your account. Previously it was necessary to open the settings for every user and add the newly added unit to their permissions.

Now, from within the Room/Unit settings screen it is just a matter of selecting which user(s) have access to the unit. This new feature is in addition to also being able to edit user permissions in the Settings tab, Users. That section remains as it has been.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

NEW: custom fields numbers drop down

A new type of custom field has been added - numbers. An easy way to make a dropdown list that contains incrementing numbers. Just enter the start, stop, and optional increment to build this type of custom field.

A custom field of this type can be added in the Website tab, Custom Fields, ADD.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Multiple Rate Plans Per Room/Unit

It is now possible for guests to select from multiple rate plan options when making reservations online using the date search view in either the multiple rooms or hotel style booking pages. This is useful to be able to offer different rates for the same room, depending on amenities offered (such as with or without breakfast). Another use is to be able to offer packages that are part of the room.

Some examples:

Multiple units page:

Hotel style page:

Example showing price reduced with a rate adjustment, and another rate plan where the minimum stay hasn't been met.

How to set this up?

1. Add all your various rate plans. Be sure to add a plan title and description for each.

2. Select your rate plans.

If using multiple unit pages select the plans in the Room/Unit settings.

If using hotel style pages select your plans in the Room Type section.

The selected rate plan will show in the summary, the confirmation message, and also internally. We plan to add more functionality to this feature in the future, such as being able to select a rate plan internally as well.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Daily Activity by clicking date bar

Now it is super easy to get an overview of your activity for the day. Simply click the date bar and a summary of arrivals, staying, and empty rooms will show. This also shows outstanding balance, number of guests, and number of nights.

Friday, March 9, 2018

New: Drag and drop reservations

It is now easy to move reservations around on the calendar - just drag, drop, and confirm. There is also the option to keep the original prices, or to pull prices fresh from the room the reservation was dragged to.