Thursday, September 28, 2017

NEW: Reports menu has been redesigned

Something we meant to do for awhile, and now have completed, was to improve how the Reports menu works. Instead of one long column listing all our reports, we have now sorted them into topic areas which we makes it easier to find the report you are looking for.

For users that only see some of the reports, we still sort into topics, but just show the reports select, and still in the order specified by the user.

For example:

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NEW FEATURE: Track when emails were opened

It is now possible to see when exactly an email sent from ReservationKey was opened. We automatically add tracking now to all emails sent from the system. When the email is opened ReservationKey records the time and location where it was opened. This is useful to verify that guess are receiving your emails and when they opened the message.

An easy way to see a list of all emails opened on a particular day is to use the Monthly/Yearly Statistics report and select "Reservation Emails Opened." Then click the link next to each date to expand that day's results.

We also have added the tracking information to the "Reservation Emails Sent/Scheduled" view in this same report.

Clicking into a reservation, now in the Correspondence button we see a summary of emails.

And in the Correspondence History & Queue we have a new column showing how many times each email sent was opened.

We have also created a video walk through of this new feature here:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

NEW FEATURE: Set rates & minimum stay day by day in Rate Plans

In additional to our existing way of setting rates, by entering rates for each date of the week, it is now possible to enter rates on a day by day basis. This makes it easy to quickly change rates and minimum stays for specific dates.

We used to recommend using Rate Adjustments for making small changes, but now that section may no longer by needed. Instead just make a rule, for example, for one year, and then enter all your rates and minimum stays directly in each day of every month.

To use this new feature, go to the Properties tab, Rate Plans, Add a New plan or click into an existing plan. Then either Add Rule, or click an existing Rule to edit it.

Enter a start and end date (maximum range for day by day feature is three years worth of dates).

Finally, enter rates and minimum stays. Rates go in the first box, minimum stay in the second, for each date. Use the links at the bottom of each calendar to make entering rates quicker. There are also similar links at the top of the page for duplicating rates throughout all dates (rather than one month at a time).

Also take a look at our video walk through of this new feature: