Friday, April 26, 2013

CC and BCC fields added to Send option in Correspondence Button

A few users pointed out that the CC and BCC default fields were not working when using the quick Send option from the Correspondence button. These fields have now been added.

Messages sent from here are saved into the History & Queue. We've update the system also so that the time the message was sent is also recorded in the history section.

To set your default CC and BCC email addresses, go to the Website Tab, Email Templates, Edit, Advanced Options.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update to ReservationKey Facebook Apps

We've reviewed all of our apps, and made a couple of changes:
- sign into ReservationKey from each app page
- new simple app for online bookings through Facebook

Previously, you had to be signed into ReservationKey in a different tab in the same browser in which you were editing your Facebook apps. This caused some confusion and didn't always seem to work properly, so now we've made it so when you first open the app page you enter your ReservationKey login information there.

The new simple app for online reservations is easy to set up. It only requires that you enter the URL to your reservation page and set the frame height. Your guests will NOT need to accept the app prior to making a reservation. This makes it simpler for guests, but does have the drawback that you don't get information about their Facebook profile, and when they make a booking an announcement will not be made automatically on their Facebook feed (free advertising for you).

Don't forget to consider using our other apps, especially the Info Page, which pulls your property photos, descriptions, map, automatically from ReservationKey and makes a nice summary page for Facebook. No duplicating the data entry since all the information is pulled from what you already entered into ReservationKey.

Click here to get started adding our Facebook Apps

Click here for our FAQ on how to add Facebook Apps

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Few Enhancements - Items for Sale and Min Stay Error Messages

Just finished are two new improvements. One, is the ability to set Items For Sale as a per night charge, automatically based upon the number of nights selected. And the other improvement is that in the case of an error message to the user about a minimum stay not being met, the reservation form will not appear until the error is corrected.

Per Night Charge for Items for Sale

In the Items For Sale section, under the Website Tab, set the Price as "Per Night."

Now, when the guest select this item, the quantity will automatically be set to match the number of nights reserved (and the quantity dropdown will not show). This is useful for anything you sell where the quantity must match the number of nights (such as a pet fee, cleaning fee, parking charge, extra heating, etc.).

Reservation Page Error Messages

In the case a minimum stay is not met, previously we would show the error message at the top of the reservation form. It turns out that sometimes guests did not notice the error message and completed the form anyhow. Now, to hopefully further simplify the process for guests, we will not show any of the reservation form if the minimum nights required are not met (or the correct day of the week start day; or Friday/Saturday required). Instead we simply display the error message at the top of the contact form column. Once the guest changes their search or selects additional nights in order to meet the requirements, the contact form will appear.